How Do You Find a Public Trash Dump in Your Local Area?


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To find a public trash dump in your local area, visit your county or state's website, and look for the section that manages solid waste management facilities. Many counties, cities and states usually provide a list or a map of waste and recycling facilities where residents can dispose of their trash. The State of New York, for example, offers an interactive map showing the location of transfer stations. The counties of Cuyahoga and Los Angeles also provide maps of transfer stations and waste management facilities.

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On New York State's website, the solid waste management facility section is under the Department of Environmental Conservation section, while county websites may list them on their pages that concern public utilities. Some maps, such as those of New York State and Los Angeles County, are interactive, and users can filter locations by address and type of facility. However, the site for Cuyahoga County provides a map of all the licensed transfer stations within the Cuyahoga County Solid Management District. Its website also lists all the solid waste management facilities in the county.

Transfer stations or drop-off sites are usually operated in rural areas where garbage collection services tend to be more expensive. Most counties open up transfer stations in order to decrease the occurrence of garbage burning and to encourage residents to drop off their trash for recycling.

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