What Is the Proper Format for an Immigration Letter?

The proper format for an immigration letter includes a brief introduction of the letter's author, outlining his relationship to the applicant seeking immigration, and a description of the applicant's positive character traits, adding anecdotes or specific details if necessary, SampleLettersWorld.com says. The author should note his contact information and offer the opportunity to answer more questions if necessary.

If the immigration letter is needed to verify employment, the applicant's name and the name and address of the place of employment should be noted, Immihelp.com states. The letter's author should be a principal worker at the business. The letter should include the offer of employment, outline the duties of the position, the date of the anticipated employment and the wages to be paid or wages paid if the applicant is currently employed.

The closing paragraph of the letter should thank the reader and provide contact details of the writer, so immigration officials can reach the author if they need more information, Golden Gate Immigration notes. The letter should be notarized if it refers to a personal relationship, such as a marriage that may tie into the immigration process. If removal proceedings are the reason for the letter, notarization is also advisable.