What Are Some Prohibited Airline Items?

What Are Some Prohibited Airline Items?

Prohibited items during air travel include explosives, flammable items and firearms, as of 2016. Certain foods and liquids, sports equipment, sharp objects, tools and self-defense items are also prohibited, though some may be allowed in checked baggage. For a full list, travelers should check the TSA website prior to any flights.

The Transportation Security Administration establishes guidelines for prohibited items on flights. Some items that are prohibited as carry-on items are permitted if they are in checked baggage, however some are totally prohibited. For example, with the exception of personal care items in small quantities, aerosols are prohibited in carry-on and checked bags. Blasting caps, chlorine for pools and spas, dynamite, fire extinguishers, fireworks and flammable liquid, gel or aerosol paints are also all prohibited.

Ammunition and all types of firearms, including BB guns and compressed air guns, are prohibited in carry-on luggage, however some types of firearms are permitted in checked bags if appropriate procedures are followed. Certain foods are permitted as carry-on items if they are in quantities of under 3.4 ounces. This includes alcohol, yogurt, salsa, gravy and maple syrup. Food items can also be packed in checked baggage.

Self-defense items including nightsticks, billy clubs and throwing stars are not permitted as carry-on items but may be packed in checked bags. Passengers may fly with a 4-ounce or smaller container of pepper spray, provided the can is equipped with a mechanism to prevent accidental discharge.

Disposable razors are the only sharp objects permitted in carry-on bags. Other sharp objects including razor blades, box cutters, and scissors with blades greater than 4 inches must be checked. Sporting goods such as baseball bats, ski poles and pool cues should also be checked. Skates may be carried on to flights, as can screwdrivers, wrenches and tools less than 7 inches in length. All other tools must be packed with checked baggage.