What Products Does Singapore Export?

products-singapore-export Credit: Vin's Image/Moment/Getty Images

Singapore primarily exports chemicals, machinery, equipment, mineral fuels, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and services. Among the machinery and equipment that Singapore exports are electronics, laboratory and scientific instruments, aircraft and parts, medical devices, telecommunication equipment and computer software, hardware and peripherals. The country mainly exports services, such as maintenance and repair, business management and transportation services.

The country exports its commodities and services primarily to the United States and to neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Japan, China, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Singapore also exports top-quality services and training and is known for producing specialists in various fields, including information technology, consumer electronics, food processing and services, and environment-protection specialists. Despite its lack of natural resources, such as oil and gas, Singapore is still among the top five oil trading and refining hubs in the world. It is one of the market leaders in storage and offloading conversions, floating production and jack-up rigs. It offers extensive oil and gas storage in Jurong Island, an artificial island that is the heart of the country's chemical and energy industry.

Because of the lack of natural resources, Singapore imports raw materials and exports the finish products. Traditionally a re-export country, Singapore mainly depends on external demands and uses imported intermediate inputs from its export and import partners. Except for Hong Kong, which also depends on a re-export economy, most of the raw materials and unfinished products are imported from the same exporting countries. Its re-exports accounts for about half of the country's total sales as of 2009.