What Is the Process for Printing Out Online Boarding Passes?

What Is the Process for Printing Out Online Boarding Passes?

The standard process for printing out online boarding passes is looking up a reservation, entering the number of bags to be checked, paying any fees and clicking the print boarding passes option. The procedure varies based on the airline.

Information that is frequently used to look up a reservation includes the passenger's full name, departure city, confirmation number or his mileage plan number. If he has an account with the airline, he can log into his account to view his reservation.

After entering his number of checked bags, the passenger can pay his baggage fees online. Airlines usually also allow the passenger to print luggage tags during the online check-in process.

The online check-in process may allow the passenger to upgrade his seat, depending on the airline and if an upgrade is available. If so, he can also pay that fee during the process.

Another common check-in option is mobile check-in through the airline's smartphone application or mobile site. For these check-ins, the passenger may receive a paperless boarding pass on his device, or the airline may require him to print his boarding pass at an airport kiosk.

Online check-in typically becomes available 24 hours before the flight's departure time and remains available until one hour before that time.