What Are Some Problems Facing Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria?

Some of the problems facing vocational and technical training in Nigeria include lack of finances, inadequate training, staff movement, substandard facilities and a curricular that is defective. This type of education is meant to equip individuals with the necessary skills to succeed in the world of employment.

Vocational and technical training in Nigeria was designed to help various people become eligible for employment. However, this form of education has been bogged down by various problems including the ones below.

  • Lack of finances - while people wish to study, they do not have a source of income to cater for their fees. The government is also unable to pay for these individuals, making it almost impossible for many to acquire this education.
  • Substandard facilities - institutions responsible for providing this type of education lack the financial capacity to buy or construct modern facilities. This makes it difficult to provide high-quality education.
  • Inadequate training - some of the lecturers or teachers in institutions lack enough skills to handle the people they are in charge of.
  • Staff transfer - constant movement of teachers from one institution to another due to various reasons makes it difficult for those being trained to remain focused. It also upsets the system and curricular flow.