How Do You Print a Large Map of the USA?


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One common solution to printing a large picture such as a map or a wall mural is to use a simple process called rasterbation. To rasterbate a picture, the user merely separates a large image into several different block images the size of the paper he is using. The printed images can then be physically connected together at the seams to create the full image.

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There are numerous online applications that facilitate rasterbation, including printing the image for a client and physically sending the prints of the complete rasterbated image. If a user prefers to print and crop the pictures himself, online resources can allow for this too. This gives the user the option of saving a series of images that can be printed separately one page at a time, using his own resources.

With rasterbation, the printer typically leaves a small margin to ensure that the entire separated image gets printed on the paper, but the user can trim off these margins to make a seamless picture.

To keep the completed image held together, there are several options. If the image is meant to be a permanent fixture, the prints can be affixed to the wall with any permanent adhesive substance the printed material can endure, and there will be no need for the image to be physically joined together at the seams at all. If the image is meant to be moved at some point, it may be taped together at its seams. Additionally, the images can be pinned individually to a more mobile surface, such as posterboard.

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