Where Is Primark in Spain?

As of November, 2014, there are 35 Primark stores in Spain. In May of 2006, Primark's first store in Spain opened in Madrid. This was the first Primark location to open outside of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In 1969, Primark's first store opened in Dublin, Ireland, under the name Penney's. The company has since expanded to more than 270 stores in nine different European countries. In addition to stores in Spain, Primark has locations in Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Austria, the United Kingdom and Belgium. As of November of 2014, Primark's largest store is located in Manchester, England. This location has a retail space of 105,000 square feet and encompasses three floors. Near the end of 2012, this store was remodeled, adding an additional 50,000 square feet to the location.

Primark is known for its wide selection of merchandise and is comparable to a department store in the United States. Some of the different items sold include baby, children, women and men's clothing and accessories, beauty products, housewares and food items. While Primark normally sells products with its own name brand, there are other sub-brands that belong to the company. Some of these names are Love to Lounge, Early Days, Young Dimension and Cedar Wood State.