What Are the Predominant Religions in the Caribbean?

The predominant religion in the Caribbean is Catholicism, followed by Protestantism and then Hinduism. The British brought Protestantism to the region beginning in the 1620s, while the earlier and much greater French and Spanish colonial influence helped Catholicism to become the major religion. The slaves that were brought to the region also added their own African beliefs to the mixture, and gave rise to new hybrid religions that combined elements of African spirituality with Christianity, such as Vodun, Shango and Orisha.

Hinduism was brought to the Caribbean region by East Indian immigrants beginning during the 1800s. The ending of slavery by the colonial powers created a need for laborers which was soon met by the East Indian influx. Although the colonial powers attempted to westernize the new and growing East Indian immigration, Hinduism still took hold and accounts for nearly one-quarter of the religious affiliation of Trinidad and Tobago.