What Are the Some of the Postal Codes in Calgary, Alberta?


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Some examples of Calgary postal codes include T1X 0L6, T1X 1E1, T1X 1G3, T1X 1L4, T1X 1M9, T1X 1N8, T1X 1P7 and T1X 1R1. There are 400 postal codes in Calgary so there are plenty to choose from, though the vast majority actually start with T1Y.

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Unlike U.S. ZIP codes, Canadian postal codes use both letters and numbers. The first half of the code represents the Forward Sortation Area (FSA); the second half the Local Delivery Unit (LDU). The FSA represents a specific area within a major geographic region or province while the LDU indicates a specific city block, a single building, a large volume mail receiver or a specific rural community.

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