How Do You Find Postal Codes in British Columbia, Canada?


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Find postal codes for British Columbia, Canada by searching online postal code databases such as PostalCode.org, or Zip-Codes.com. British Columbia is a Canadian province that contains roughly 470 cities and towns as of 2015.

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Postal codes are used by mail carriers to denote an address's location within a relatively small municipal area. Some small towns in British Columbia have only one postal code. For example, the town of Bridesville, British Columbia, lists V0H 1B0 as its only postal code. Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia, has nearly 200 postal codes. Selecting a specific city or town may help the user find a specific postal code.

The first letter of a postal code indicates the province in which it is located. For instance, all postal codes in British Columbia start with the letter "V." The second digit determines if the address is located in an urban or a rural area. A "0" as the second digit means that the address is rural, while numbers "1" through "9" indicate an urban area. The last three characters in a postal code determine the nature of the address, whether it is in an apartment building, on a specific block or in a post office.

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