What Are Possible Savings for EuroRail Passes for Seniors?


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Euro Railways offers special fares for passengers over 60 years of age for select itineraries. Senior railpasses and special fares are not available for all itineraries, so check the itinerary and duration of any specific trip for applicable senior discounts. Another option is the Saverpass option, available when two or more people travel together, and each person has a Saverpass.

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As of 2015, Senior railpasses are available from Euro Railways with purchase of a BritRail Classic, BritRail Flexipass or Balkan Flexipass for multi-country passes. Senior savings are also available with purchase of a France Flexipass, England – BritRail pass, Ireland Flexipass or Romanian Flexipass for single country passes. Euro Railways offers a range of European rail passes for travelers of all ages, as well as the assistance of a Personal Travel Assistant to help find applicable family passes, select passes, and youth and senior fares.

The company Eurail offers Eurail passes, to which youth and group discounts apply. To qualify for a discount on a second class youth pass, passengers must be under 26 on the first day the pass is valid. Children must be under 12 years of age to qualify for free travel. Adults and seniors who travel in groups of two or more qualify for a group discount Saver Pass and must travel together.

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