What Are Some Facts About Port Huron, Michigan?


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Some facts about Port Huron, Michigan are that the city sits at the easternmost location in the State of Michigan and that it played a part in the underground railroad during the U.S. Civil War. The city has more than a dozen locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places including Thomas Edison's childhood home.

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After the Civil War, Port Huron saw a surge of immigration. In addition, the 1850s saw a population surge to the city because of Port Huron's growing lumber and shipbuilding trades. Thomas Edison lived in Port Huron in 1854, shortly before the city's official incorporation. Port Huron incorporated in 1857. At the time of its incorporation, the city officially joined the villages of Fort Gratiot, Desmond, Huron and Peru to create Port Huron.

At the time of its initial construction in 1825, the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse was the oldest lighthouse in Michigan. The city built its current lighthouse in 1829. The city's first volunteer fire department began in 1853 with little more than hand power and buckets. The city obtained a steam-powered fire engine in 1867.

In addition to Edison's childhood home, the St. Clair River Tunnel and the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse represent Port Huron on the National Register of Historic Places. Michigan State Historic Markers in the city include the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Port Huron Public Library and Shiloh Baptist Church. The modern city has public parks and playgrounds as well as public beaches and swimming pools.

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