What Is the Population Density of Japan?

As of 2014, the population density of Japan is 873 people per square mile of land area. Japan has a total population of 127,380,000 people.

As of 2014, Japan's land area is 145,882.85 square miles, and it is ranked 61st in land size out of all countries with Russia as the largest. Japan is ranked 22nd in population density, with Monaco, the 2nd smallest country, being the most densely populated. Japan has the 10th largest population overall; China has the largest population, with 1,339,190,000 people.

Japan's GDP, or gross domestic product, was $4.902 trillion as of 2013, and the gross national income was $46,140 per capita. The average life expectancy of Japanese citizens, as of 2012, was 83 years of age.