What are some of the most populated postal codes in Manitoba?


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The most populated postal codes in Manitoba are in Winnipeg, primarily those starting with prefixes such as R2G or R2L. Postal codes have six alphanumeric characters with the first three indicating a geographic area and the last three noting the local delivery unit. All Winnipeg postal codes begin with "R."

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Within Winnipeg, which has a population of 632,063 as of 2015, the area with the most postal codes is the downtown core. In some cases, individual companies or organizations are assigned their own postal codes if they get larger volumes of mail. One example is the Manitoba Legislative Building, which has its own code, R3C 1S4. Other downtown streets near the legislature share the same R3C prefix but have different local delivery units.

The next most populated area in Manitoba is the town of Brandon, with a population of 26,234. Its postal codes start with R7A, R7B and R7C. Of those, the most populated part of that town uses the postal code prefix R7A. The main street is Rosser Avenue and its postal code is R7Z 1R4.

Thompson, Manitoba, population 12,467 is next, with a postal code prefix of R8N. Its downtown core is along Thompson Drive, which has a postal code of R8N 1Z8.

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