What Are Are Some of the Most Populated Cities and Towns in Canada?


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As of 2015, Toronto and Montreal are the largest cities in Canada. Toronto has a population of 2.6 million and is the fourth most populous city in North America. With 1.6 million residents, Montreal is the second-largest city in the world that is predominantly French-speaking.

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Calgary is the third-most-populous Canadian city with a population of about 1.1 million. Ottawa ranks fourth and has roughly 883,000 residents. The next most populous Canadian cities are Edmonton, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Brampton and Hamilton. In the list of the 20 most populous Canadian municipalities, Ontario is the most represented Canadian province with eight listed cities. Quebec is the runner-up with five listed cities.

By and large, Canada is highly urbanized. Though Canada is the second-largest nation in the world by area, much of the country is sparsely populated. In 2013, over 81 percent of all Canadians lived in cities. According to the think tank Urban Land Institute, urbanization in Canada is a significant, ongoing phenomenon. This is demonstrated by the increasing popularity of mixed-use development projects that combine commercial and residential buildings. Canadian urbanization is driven by working young people. As this generation ages, the collective choices of millenials will largely decide the future of Canadian urbanization.

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