What Are Some Popular World Geography Map Games?


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Some different popular world geography games and quizzes involve identifying the countries, capitals, continents and geographic landscape of a location. Some other games entail naming the oceans, mountains, deserts, volcanoes and islands found around the world. Some websites that offer these types of games are Sheppard Software, World Geography Games and Lizard Point.

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The Sheppard Software site has nearly 250 geography games, including Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America, In these geography games, children need to answer questions on topics, such as capitals and countries found in a specific continent. The site has tutorials for each game, and players can try different games levels, including beginner, intermediate and expert.

At the World Geography Games site, there are games that include on the different landforms, bodies of water, continents, countries and flags. As an example, by clicking on the lakes geography game, a world map is displayed and players need to pick out the location of a specific lake asked for.

The Lizard Point site, also provides these same types of games and quizzes. However, students can use the geography quizzes on this site to test their knowledge of world geography as well as keep track of their progress and scores. These quizzes also have a practice, test and strict test mode. Some of these quizzes also have a study mode.

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