What Are Some Popular Train Trips in California?

Some popular train trips in California include the Calico Ghost Town Day Trip Barstow, Santa Barbara Zoo Day Trip with Kids, Amtrak Pacific Surfliner Coastal Day Trips and Orange Empire Railway Museum Perris Day Trip. The Fairplex Garden Railroad Kids Day Trip is another popular train trip that operates throughout the year, notes Daytrippen.com.

The Calico Ghost Town Day Trip covers one of the few original mining towns of the west, states Daytrippen.com. During clear days, tourists enjoy the scenic view from the comfort of their train ride. The town is filled with original buildings that provide insights into the culture and type of lifestyle that existed in the region.

The Santa Barbara Zoo Day Trip With Kids involves moving around a zoo in Southern California. The zoo has over 500 animals and lies on a 30-acre piece of land. The scenic view ensures that tourists have a breathtaking experience during the trip. The zoo provides ample space for kids to play while enjoying the experience of watching real animals.

The Amtrak Pacific Surfliner moves along the coast of Southern California. The train run at speeds of up to 89 mph giving travelers an amazing experience. Individuals taking this trip can expect to see scenic areas that are often too far away to experience from a vehicle.