What Are Some Popular Tourist Attractions in Jordan?

What Are Some Popular Tourist Attractions in Jordan?

Major tourist attractions in Jordan include the Petra World Heritage Site, Wadi Rum, the Jerash Ruins and the Mujib Nature Reserve. The Treasury, Monastery and Siq are among the most visited areas at Petra.

Petra is positioned between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea and is a former major center of caravan trade. The site is known for its elaborate water collection system as well as the remains of tombs, temples and churches. The Siq is a rocky cleft that serves as a natural entrance to Petra.

Wadi Rum is a scenic valley cut into the red sandstone of southern Jordan. It was made famous by association with T.E. Lawrence, the British military officer featured in "Lawrence of Arabia." It is also a popular filming site for movies set on Mars.

The ruins of Jerash are near the northwestern corner of Jordan. The ruins are of an ancient Roman city that was destroyed by a series of earthquakes over 1,000 years ago. There is also a modern city of Jerash that has built up around the ruins.

Also known as Wadi Mujib, the Mujib Nature Reserve is a canyon that feeds the Dead Sea with a number of freshwater streams that make the area arid.