What Are Some Popular Things to Do at Whitewater in Marietta, Georgia?

What Are Some Popular Things to Do at Whitewater in Marietta, Georgia?

Some popular things to do at White Water in Marietta, Georgia, include Captain Kid's Cove and the Little Hooch River. As of 2015, these attractions are included in the price of admission to the park.

At Captain Kid's Cove, water spouts pour water, visitors navigate past waterfalls and the smallest visitors enjoy sliding down small slides. This play area features brightly colored equipment. With more than 100 interactive play items, children and their parents find a safe place to play and age-appropriate activities.

There are plenty of stairs to climb and trails to blaze, all flowing with water and featuring gadgets to redirect water in imaginative play. Guests enjoy shooting water guns at each other and unsuspecting parents.

Guests enjoy some relaxing time floating around the Little Hooch River and enjoying the sunshine. This attraction offers a few floats for guests to enjoy or they just bob along on their backs. The river meanders through a large part of the park. Guests enjoy floating under bridges and enjoying the shade of trees that they pass.

Along the river, there are cove areas with waterfalls to glide underneath before rejoining the river. Since the attraction covers such a large area, there are several places where guests can enter and leave the river.