What Are the Some Popular Street Names in New York City?

Some popular streets in New York City are Broadway, Madison Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Wall Street and Canal Street. Each of these street names also has a history behind it. For example, Wall Street and Broadway are derived from the Dutch language.

The Dutch settled in parts of New York state, and the origins of some street names are from Dutch phrases or words. The name Wall Street is synonymous with finances, and the original name of this street was "de Waal Straat." This name may refer to an actual wall erected by the Dutch as a defense against any invaders in Lower Manhattan during the 17th century. Similarly, the name Broadway comes from the Dutch word "Breedeweg" that means broad road.

Both Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue are on the east side of Manhattan. The names of these streets refer to James Madison and the Battle of Lexington fought during the Revolutionary War, respectively.

Canal Street received its name because there was a canal constructed in this area of Lower Manhattan during the early years of the 19th century. There are many other streets that also have history behind their names, such as Bowery, Houston, Bleecker, Columbus Avenue, Astor Place and Atlantic Avenue. For example, the origin of Bleecker Street is in reference to a farm owned by Anthony Bleecker at this site. The location of Bleecker Street is in Greenwich Village, Similarly, Astor Place is associated with John Jacob Astor, once the wealthiest man in the United States.