What Are Some Popular Rides at Great America in Santa Clara?


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Some popular rides at Great America in Santa Clara include the Gold Striker, the Drop Tower and the Flight Deck. Family-friendly rides include the double-decker Carousel Columbia, Loggers Run and Rip Roaring Rapids. At Boomerang Bay Water Park, the Tasmanian Typhoon and Didgeridoo Falls are quite popular.

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Gold Striker, at just over 108 feet tall and with a ride speed of almost 54 miles per hour, is northern California's tallest and fastest wooden coaster. It combines the speed of modern coasters with the distinctive rattling sound typical of a vintage wooden ride.

The Drop Tower is a 22-story free-fall ride that appears to defy gravity. The Flight Deck is an innovative coaster in which the trains run below the tracks and the passengers ride with their feet suspended in air. Traveling at 50 miles per hour, the trains zip through loops, turns and a zero-gravity roll.

The double-decker Carousel Columbia, considered the world's tallest, is fun for kids of all ages. The view from the top deck overlooks the park. Loggers Run and Rip Roaring Rapids generate screams and giggles, especially when the riders get splashed.

At Boomerang Bay Water Park, the Tasmanian Typhoon is a fully enclosed, twisting water slide with a splash down at the end. At Didgeridoo Falls, a family of four may climb on a single raft and power down a 54-foot-tall slide to the pool waiting below.

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