What Are Some of the Most Popular Reading, Pennsylvania Attractions?

What Are Some of the Most Popular Reading, Pennsylvania Attractions?

As of 2015, top attractions in Reading, Pennsylvania include the Reading Public Museum, Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Berks County Heritage Center and Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center. Among the best restaurants in the city, as of 2015, are Frank and Diannah's Arbor Inn, Dan's Restaurant and Stokesay Castle.

The Reading Public Museum has art galleries, natural science exhibits, a gift shop, an arboretum and a planetarium. As of 2015, the museum is opened daily, with the exception of major holidays. As of the same date, exhibits at the Reading Public Museum include Awkward Family Photos: The Exhibition, The Funnies: Vintage Comic Strips 1940s–1960s, Fat Dogs and Coughing Horses, and Be the Dinosaur: Life in the Cretaceous. Some exhibits are specifically geared towards children, whereas others are for everyone.

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum has a collection of helicopters, experimental planes, military trainers, transports and classic airliners. Aircrafts from the area are the museum's emphasis. The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum operates some of the historic aircrafts.

Berks County Heritage Center actually has two museums, these being the Gruber Wagon Works and C. Howard Hiester Canal Center. Other locations on site include Wertz's Red Bridge, Melcher's Grist Mill and the Deppen Cemetery.

The Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center has 665 acres of forests and plantations. Visitors can walk the trails or stroll past the flower garden.