What Are Some Popular Local Stores in North Carolina?

Popular local stores in Charlotte, the most inhabited city in North Carolina, include Paper Skyscraper, House of Africa, Center City Green Market and Ten Thousand Villages. North Carolina's second-most populous city of Raleigh features local stores The Green Monkey, Brewsees Eyewear, M & M Tack Shop, Five Monkeys Boutique and Raleigh Beer Soapery. There are well over 800,000 small businesses throughout North Carolina.

Paper Skyscraper has been in the historic Dilworth neighborhood for more than 20 years. Originally a small bookstore with architecture, commercial arts and interior design books, it now features unique types of games, cards, home accessories and travel bags. Spanning 5,000 square feet as of 2015, Paper Skyscraper has been awarded the title "Charlotte's Best Gift Store."

Proud to serve as Raleigh's premier spot to shop for all beer-bathing needs, Raleigh Beer Soapery boasts handcrafted, small batch beer soaps. Located in the Oak City neighborhood, the store offers soaps with names such as "Shipwreck," "Blackberry Sage" and "Bourbon Barrel."

Showcasing contemporary and classic African art, House of Africa is located in a 2,000-square-foot gallery. It sells a variety of African goods, such as masks, clothing and jewelry. Offering unusual items made by Third World artisans, Ten Thousand Villages serves to teach about different cultures around the world. Goods range from children's toys to Oriental rugs.