What Are the Most Popular Games for Kids at the Santa's Village Theme Park?


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As of 2015, some of the most popular kid's games at Santa's Village Theme Park in Jefferson, New Hampshire, include the Elfabet Game at Elf University and the Firehouse Game at the Village Volunteer Fire Department. Another popular fun spot isHo Ho H2O Water Park.

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Elf University is located next to the Frosty the Snowman display. Kids receive an Elfabet Card, imprinted with the 26 letters of the "Elfabet." Then it's off to explore the park to find the 26 elves that match up with the letters. When an elf is found, the card is inserted into the gift he's carrying and the card is punched. Once all the elves are found, the card is returned to Elf University to receive a prize and a diploma.

The Firehouse Game is a race game suitable for all ages. Using water blasters, players shoot streams of water into a row of fire hydrants. Each one is connected to a fire truck on the race track. The more accurate the squirts of water, the faster the fire trucks move across the track. The first person to get his truck over the finish line wins.

Ho Ho H2O Water Park is filled with things to climb on, slides to zip down and timed giant bucket drops of water that soak everyone within range. Changing rooms and lockers are available, as is a nearby store that sells swim suits to those in need.

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