What Are Some Popular Games at the Cambridge Ventures Arcade?


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Some popular games for the Venture Arcade Cambridge English Language Teaching Book online include "Guess the Word," "Reading" and "Crossword." All the games are designed to develop language skills such as reading, writing and listening. To go to a game, or activity as they say on the website, go to Menu, click Sort by Activity Type, choose an activity from the list and then choose the unit.

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"Guess the Word" takes place in a cinema with up to eight audience members. The idea is that players have to guess the sentence that appears on the cinema screen. For every wrong guess, a member of the audience leaves the auditorium. The game finishes when either the player has guessed the word correctly or when all the audience members have left the auditorium. In "Crossword," players have to guess the correct words from the provided clues. In "Reading," the players have to answer questions about the contents of a letter or an abstract.

Cambridge Ventures Arcade has 10 levels and each level consists of 10 units. The higher the level, the more difficult the game. For example, on level one, unit two, of "Guess the Word," players have to guess two five-letter words. On level four, unit nine, they have to guess one four-letter word. Each unit tackles a different subject matter area such as shopping or personal information

To change levels, go to the menu and click on one of the five level tabs at the top of the screen.

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