What Are Popular Foods in Belgium?

Popular foods in Belgium include Carbonade flamande, sole meunière and waffles. Other favorite foods to eat in Belgium are moules frites, steak frites and stoemp.

Carbonade flamande is a popular traditional dish, and many Belgian families boast of recipes handed down through many generations. The staple ingredients include beef, a rich beer, pepper, herbs, salt, onions and other spices. Carrots, mushrooms, bacon and red wine can also be added for variance. The ingredients are marinated for hours, cooked slowly, and the stew is served with noodles, salad, fries or mashed potatoes.

Sole meunière is the Belgian version of the classic fish and chips. The fish is coated with seasoned flour, fried in a shallow pan and served with fries or mashed potatoes. Parsley and lemon juice make a rich sauce to go with this dish.

Waffles, a Belgian favorite, can be either the Brussels waffle or the Liège waffle. The former is rectangular in shape and covered with powdered sugar, syrup, fruit or chocolate. The Liège waffle is square and is covered with burnt sugar.

Mussels and fries are also popular in Belgium. The mussels are cooked in white wine, butter, onions and parsley. The Belgians scoop out the mussels with a piece of the shell and enjoy it with frites, which are fried twice and are thicker than normal French fries.

Stoemp consists of mashed potato mixed with other mashed vegetables, such as endives, carrots, onions, kale, turnips and greens. Cream, milk and bacon can be added to give it a creamy consistency and smoky flavor.