What are some popular fairground rides?


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Some popular fairground rides are the Grand Carousel, Giant Wheel, Wave Swinger, Tilt-A-Whirl and Zero Gravity. Fairground rides designed especially for children include the Frog Hopper, Fun House, Windjammer and Tea Cups.

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The Grand Carousel is a large-size carousel featuring a variety of galloping horses and chariot seats. The fairground ride supplier, Amusements of America, offers The Giant Wheel, a large Ferris wheel that is 110 feet high and has 20 gondolas.

Another popular ride is the Wave Swinger, which features swings that move outward as the ride spins. This ride was imported to the United States from Zierer of Germany. The popular children's ride, the Tea Cups, features a collection of bright colored tea cups that spin in a circle. Rider can control the spin's speed.

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