What Are Some Popular European River Cruises?

What Are Some Popular European River Cruises?

Some of Europe's most popular rivers to cruise are the Seine River, the Danube River and the Elbe River. The Rhine River is another popular cruise option in Europe.

Seine River cruises typically begin in Paris and travel northward towards Rouen or Caudeback. This cruise is popular for both gardeners and history buffs, as it visits both Monet's garden in Giverny and the landing beaches at Normandy used by the Allied forces in World War II.

The Danube River is another popular cruise and one of Europe's longest rivers, flowing from the Black Forest in Germany to the Black Sea in Romania. It passes through several countries, including Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria. Danube River cruises begin from various cities along the route, allowing tourists to cruise certain portions of the river based on geographical interest.

Elbe River cruises are another popular option. The Elbe River passes through Prague, the Czech Republic capital, as well as Berlin, Germany, and cruises can begin from either country.

The Rhine River flows from Switzerland to Amsterdam and offers the option of longer cruises that connect with the Moselle River or the Main River. There is also a canal that connects the Rhine to the Danube.