What Are Some Popular Destinations Through Cubana Airlines?

What Are Some Popular Destinations Through Cubana Airlines?

As of 2015, Cubana Airlines, based in La Habana, Cuba, flies to popular destinations such as Montreal and Toronto, Canada, Cancun, Mexico, Rome, Italy and Paris, France. The airline was founded in 1929 and is one of the founding members of the International Air Transport Association, or IATA.

Montreal is the largest city in the Province of Quebec, and Cubana Airlines flies into the Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport. This island city, surrounded by the St. Lawrence River, is French flavored and one of the oldest settlements in Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, is the largest city in Canada and known for its business and entertainment industries. Cubana Airlines flies into Toronto Pearson International Airport, a few miles from the city core.

Cancun, on Mexico's Caribbean coast, draws sun worshippers, nature lovers and those interested in studying ancient Mayan culture. Cancun International Airport is the gateway to this vacation resort town.

The Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome is Cubana's destination in Italy. The city is best known as home to the Vatican, the central core of the Roman Catholic Church. People come here for a chance to glimpse the Pope, tour the ancient ruins and dine on Mediterranean cuisine.

In Paris, Cubana flies into Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, one of the busiest airports in Europe. The airport is about 55 minutes from downtown Paris and its famed Eiffel Tower.