What Are Some of the Popular Attractions on Malta?


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Popular attractions in Malta include museums such as the National Museum of Archaeology, churches such as the Chapel of Santa Marija, Sweethaven Village, a variety of beaches and the Knights Hospitallers. The islands also boast natural attractions such as Blue Grotto, Calypso's Cave, Dingli Cliffs, Azure Window and Fungus Rock.

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What Are Some of the Popular Attractions on Malta?
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Malta is rich in history, especially religious history. The Knights Hospitallers takes visitors on a tour of the history of an old monastic order of chivalry known as the Knights of St. John. Tourists can visit a historic hospital and collections showcasing the Knights' role in the Crusades and in the development of hospital care.

Some of the islands' churches go back several hundreds of years. For example, the Chapel of Santa Marija dates back to around 1430 A.D. Some of the temples in Malta are believed to be the longest-standing buildings on earth. Visitors may also want to look into an exhibit on one of the islands' most iconic groups, the Knights of Malta.

The National Museum of Archaeology gives visitors an encounter with other aspects of Malta's history. Along with the National Museum of Fine Arts, it showcases art, sculpture and ceramics.

Sweethaven Village is an interesting curiosity in that it was part of the 1980 film production of "Popeye."

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