What Does PolitickerNJ Write About?

What Does PolitickerNJ Write About?

PolitickerNJ covers political news, opinion and analysis on issues related to New Jersey. Governance and election issues are some of the popular topics on PolitickerNJ. As of 2015, the website focuses on happenings in Newark, Gloucester, Monmouth and Jersey City counties.

In the news section, PolitickerNJ focuses on delivering breaking news on the latest political happenings in New Jersey. This section is dedicated to reports from the website staff about the latest political statements and how they affect the people of New Jersey. The website also reports on trending national issues that have an impact on any of the counties in New Jersey.

In opinion, the website posts articles by different people highlighting their perceptions of the trending topics. Activists, politicians, private citizens and private sector leaders are featured in this section.

The winners and losers section of PolitickerNJ analyzes each week's activities and how they affect the political standing of New Jersey leaders. For example, Supreme Court decisions are discussed in this section, with an in-depth analysis of who is affected positively or negatively by each decision. This section also discusses elections, with emphasis on the winners and losers.

The back room category on PolitickerNJ provides in depth analysis of trending issues, tackling topics that are left out in other sections.