What Are Poland’s Main Exports and Imports?

Poland’s primary exports include machinery and equipment, textiles and shoes, metal products, machinery and equipment, minerals and fuels, chemicals and agricultural products. Poland imports mostly capital goods needed for manufacturing and industrial retooling, such as machinery and equipment, fuels and minerals, chemicals and metals.

Poland does most of its trading with member nations of the European Union. Germany is the leading destination of exports, followed by Italy, France, Turkey, Hungary and Belgium. The value of Poland’s exports peaked at $49.41 billion in 2008, before a recession depressed markets. The top export products are vehicle parts, cars, seats, refined petroleum and video displays.

The items imported most frequently are crude petroleum, vehicle parts, packaged medicines and computers. Poland’s imports have been declining, which has allowed the country to reduce its trade deficit. Import volume dropped from $76.17 billion in 2008 to $49.2 billion in 2009. The nations from which Poland receives the majority of its imports are Germany, Italy, Hungary, Russia, France, Turkey, Austria, Kazakhstan and China.

Trade with the United States and other non-European countries has increased due to Poland’s membership in the European Union, as have the country’s potential for economic growth, increased domestic market and stable government. Poland joined the EU in 2004.