How Do You Find a PNR Status With Indian Railways?


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To check the PNR, or Passenger Name Record, status of a booking on Indian Railways, visit indianrail.gov.in. Click on the PNR Status link at the top of the page. Type the PNR from your booking into the correct field, and type the security code into the second box. Click the Get Status button to see the status of your booking.

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To look up the status of an Indian Railways booking, you need the PNR number that was provided at the time of reservation. If you have a paper reservation form, the number appears in the top left corner. PNR numbers for Indian Railways have 10 digits.

Once you submit your PNR number into the Indian Railways system, the website automatically returns the status of your booking. Once you confirm a ticket, there is no need to check the status. If you bought a reserved against cancellation ticket or a wait list ticket, the status can change quickly up until the time of departure. The status changes as other passengers cancel or fail to complete a booking.

A status of RAC or Confirmed means that you can board the train. A WL status indicates that you are on the wait list, and that you cannot board the train.

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