How Do You Plan a Trip to Boracay in the Philippines?

To plan a trip to Boracay in the Philippines, determine which travel documents are needed, establish a budget, choose the dates, create an itinerary and book airfare and hotel reservations. Boracay is located on the northwestern tip of Panay and is known for its tropical setting, notes

Travelers can use the following steps to plan a trip to Boracay.

  1. Obtain the required documents
  2. Determine which travel documents are needed to enter the Philippines from the United States by checking the U.S. Department of State's website. For example, as of 2015, a valid passport is needed, but a visa is not required for trips lasting fewer than 30 days, notes

  3. Establish a budget
  4. Establish a budget for the trip to Boracay before planning activities or booking airfare. Use sites such as to determine up-to-date local prices.

  5. Choose the dates
  6. Choose the preferred dates to take the vacation.

  7. Create the itinerary
  8. Create an itinerary for the trip to ensure that there is enough time to do everything. Examples of activities in Boracay include visiting the bat caves of Yapak and the Kir-Tar Seashell Museum, dancing, sailing and beachcombing.

  9. Book the reservations
  10. Book the airfare and hotel reservations in advance to ensure that the desired dates and hotel rooms are available.