How Do You Plan an Overnight Train Trip?


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When planning an overnight train trip, decide if you want to pay the additional expense for a sleeper or spend the nights in the reclining seats found in coach class. While the sleeper is significantly more expensive, the additional fee includes all your meals while on the trip and a shower. If you sleep in coach, you pay extra for each meal you eat on the train, and there are no showers available.

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Sleepers range from berths for two average-sized adults to a family of four. Decide early if you want this option and reserve it, as there are not enough sleepers for all passengers. If you decide after boarding the train that you prefer a berth, ask the conductor if any are available.

Many first-time passengers are surprised at the comfort of the reclining seats in coach class. They are wider than the seats in airplanes and recline much further. A footrest extends, allowing most passengers to sleep comfortably.

Prepare for the trip by packing loose, comfortable clothing in your carry-on bag. Avoid sweats or other clothing with elastic bands around the legs. Noise canceling headphones and a source of white noise help to prevent interruptions to your sleep. Take fresh socks for sleeping and carry a small travel blanket as thermostats are often set low for the night.

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