How Do You Plan an Inexpensive Train Trip?

How Do You Plan an Inexpensive Train Trip?

How Do You Plan an Inexpensive Train Trip?

To plan an inexpensive train trip, travelers should set a budget, choose a location, search for discounts, review train options and book the tickets. Train trips in the United States are primarily taken on Amtrak. Amtrak offers more than 300 trains every day to destinations in 46 states and three Canadian provinces as of 2015, notes

Follow the steps below to plan an inexpensive train trip on Amtrak.

  1. Set a budget
  2. Set a budget to ensure that the trip does not cost more than what is necessary or become too expensive to take.

  3. Choose a location
  4. Browse and choose the desired route; Amtrak trains connect more than 500 destinations. Examples of good train trips include The Coast Starlight, which connects Los Angeles and Seattle; The City of New Orleans, which connects Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans and The Adirondack, Which connects New York City and Montreal, notes

  5. Search for discounts
  6. Search for discounts and deals for the desired location on the Amtrak website by clicking on the Deals link. Take note of any promotional codes available.

  7. Search for tickets
  8. Enter the departure and return information, along with the promotional code, on the Buy Tickets form. Click on Find Trains to view a list of times and train types available.

  9. Book the tickets
  10. Choose the desired tickets and complete the checkout process to book them online.