What Are Some Places to Visit in Brazil?

Some places to visit in Brazil are São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Gramado, Salvador, Florianópolis, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Natal, Trancoso, Iguazu Falls, Salvador, Manus and Parati. Depending on personal interest, tourists might visit a large city like São Paulo, natural waterfalls like Iguazu Falls or a town like Trancoso.

São Paulo is the largest city in the southern hemisphere. Landmarks in São Paulo include the Banespa Building that was designed after the Empire State Building, the Paulista Avenue that is the central location of museums and cultural centers and the São Paulo Cathedral that is the city's metropolitan cathedral. São Paulo has 36 parks, including the popular Ibirapuera Park. The Zoological Park of São Paulo has over 3,200 species of animals and produces its own vegetables to feed the animals. The São Paulo Aquarium hosts 3,000 specimens.

The world-famous Brazilian Carnival is held every year in Sao Paulo. Other yearly events that happen in São Paulo include São Paulo Fashion Week, the São Paulo Art Biennial, the Cultural Turn, the São Paulo Gay Pride Parade, the March for Jesus, the São Paulo Pancake Cook-Off and the São Paulo International Film Festival. Iguazu Falls are located between two national parks and comprise 150 to 300 waterfalls, depending on the current water level. The Iguazu Falls are three times the size of Niagara Falls. Trancoso has several beaches in its vicinity, golf courses and Quadrado Square.