What Are Some Places to Visit Along the Cabot Trail?

Some places to visit along the Cabot Trail are Baddeck, Cape Breton Highlands National Park and St. Ann's Bay. The trail passes along Margaree Harbour where visitors can visit the Whale Cove Summer Village, historic fish hatchery and Salmon Museum. Some outdoor activities include hiking , kayaking and swimming at the Lake O'Law.

Another stop along the Cabot Trail, Cheticamp, offers visitors an opportunity to experience Acadian culture. Visitors can charter a boat to go whale watching, go horseback riding around the area and hike at Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

The 235,000-acre national park boasts 26 hikes that range in level of difficulty, offering a variety of views. The park offers water-related activities such as swimming and kayaking, with shoreline stretching along Ingonish Beach. The Freshwater Lake and the South Ingonish Harbour bracket one side of the beach, while North Ingonish Bay and the South Ingonish Bay sit on the other side. Visitors in the area can lodge at the nearby resorts or opt to go camping in the park.

At the northern section of the Cabot Trail is the Top of the Island, an area studded with quaint fishing villages surrounded by wilderness. Visitors can stroll along the empty beaches or go on a whale watching expedition. Nights in the villages include fresh seafood and live Celtic music.