What Places Are Shown on a Map of Neyland Stadium?


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A map of Neyland Stadium shows the layout of its seats, including the section identification codes. Some maps also show the different gates and their respective numbers. Maps also feature surrounding buildings, including the Neyland parking garage, as well as ATMs, first aid stations, information kiosks and souvenir booths.

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Neyland Stadium, located in Tennessee, is home to the Tennessee Vols football team. It gets its name from a former head coach by the name of General Robert R. Neyland. It is the fifth biggest stadium in the United States. The stadium has expanded dramatically since 1921, when it had a capacity of 3,200. As of 2006, the stadium had a capacity of 102,037.

Seat sections are identified by letters. The letters range from A to F in the eastern section. In the southern section, they range from G to Q, and in the western section, they range from R to W. The northern section contains sections X1 to X5, Y6 to Y10 and Z11 to Z15. There are three levels in each section, with the lowest level typically the smallest and the highest level typically the largest. The letters are doubled in the names of the largest level of each section. For example, the low and middle levels of the A section are called A, whereas the high level is called AA. There are also skybox seats on the east and west sides of the stadium.

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