Where Is the Best Place to Live in Alaska?

place-live-alaska Credit: Paul Souders/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The best place to live in Alaska is the capital city Juneau. The city is located on the Alaskan panhandle and is one of the most scenic places in this northernmost American state.

Juneau is not well connected by roads but has other excellent means of transport. Seaplanes, planes, boats and ferries can be used to move in and out of the city. The city is not as thickly populated as Anchorage, and there is plenty for those who love the great outdoors to do in Juneau.

Alaska is called the “Last Frontier State” and it is the largest of all states in the USA. Traveling through the beautiful Alaskan wilderness is not easy because there are few good roads. The major cities are Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.