What Are Some Facts About Pine Island, Florida?

What Are Some Facts About Pine Island, Florida?

Pine Island is the largest island located off the southwestern Gulf coast of Florida and historically the home of the Calusa Indians. Today, Pine Island is known as "Florida's Creative Coast" because it is home to many authors and artists. It is a popular destination for tourists interested in wildlife, hiking and fishing.

Pine Island is located in Lee County and is part of the Intercoastal Waterway. The island is 18 miles long and 2 miles wide and is the 118th largest island in the United States.

Pine Island is a very natural setting surrounded by mangroves and three aquatic preserves. This is in opposition to many of the Florida islands that have been commercially developed. Much of the island is zoned as agricultural land and grow products such as mangoes and lychee.

Some of the notable attractions that are popular at Pine Island for tourists include the Painted Telephone Pole tour, the Calusa Blueway Padding Trail and the Calusa Heritage Trail that boasts of its ancient shell mounds.

There are several festivals that happen annually on Pine Island, including the Taste of Pine Island festival in January, the Calusa Heritage Day in March, and the Pine Island Holiday Boat Parades in December.