What are some facts about Piedmont region?


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Piedmont is located northeast of Italy and borders both France and Switzerland. The region is Italy's second largest and is home to around 4.6 million people.

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Piedmont has historically been controlled by France and regional Italian powers, though it was an independent state for a brief period towards the end of the 18th century.

Piedmont is bordered on three sides by the Alps, and winter sports are very popular in the mountainous parts of the region. The area even hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics at a variety of locations. Piedmont is also famed for its wine, with 170,000 acres of vineyards producing varieties such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Asti. Piedmontese cuisine is also highly regarded, and the region specializes in dishes using ingredients such as Arborio rice, white truffles and veal.

The capital city of Piedmont is Turin, one of Italy's largest cities and home to the Italian automotive industry. Turin is also famous for its handsome 19th-century architecture as well as playing host to the most successful club in Italian football history, Juventus. After unification with the rest of Italy, Turin was, for a few years, the capital city of Italy.

There is also a region of the United States named Piedmont, after the Italian area of the same name. It sits on a plateau near to the east coast of the country and is bordered on one side by the Blue Mountains.

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