What Are the Physical Features of Russia?

Nutexzles/Moment/Getty Images

Russia is filled with harsh terrain, extremely cold temperatures and a climate that remains steady throughout the year. The physical features of Russia are similar to those that are found in the Northern parts of Canada and Alaska.

Russia is a complex country that has everything from a Siberian ice land to cities and small towns in between. The cities of the area remain somewhat cold throughout the year, although there are identifiable seasons. The temperatures during the warm months rarely reach above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the area remains cool and damp.

The rainy seasons do not last long and often give way to harsh winters. The Siberian part of the country is constantly covered in snow and is always cold, no matter what the season.

Russia is the country of Europe that holds Europe’s tallest mountain as well as the continent’s longest river. It is also home to the world’s deepest lake. Along with the environment of the country, the settlements of the country are also similar to those of Alaska. Especially in the smaller towns that border the Siberian plains, settlements are small and filled with people who work together to get all of life’s necessities in the sub-zero environment.