What Are the Physical Features of Kentucky?

iLoveMountains.org/CC-BY 2.0

The physical features of Kentucky include narrow valleys, sharp mountain regions, forests, rolling hills, lakes, ponds and rivers. The mountains do not have high elevations, and the tallest one is Black Mountain at 4,145 feet.

Most of the rolling hills and mountains of Kentucky rise to around 800 feet. The forests feature large hardwoods and pine trees. Other features of the landscape of Kentucky include rhododendron, dogwood, laurel and magnolia trees. Kentucky also features the Mammoth Cave National Park and is home to a number of mint-growing areas.

The Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio rivers also run through the state. These rivers are important for trade between various parts of Kentucky and other states. Many smaller rivers and lakes flow into or draw water from these major rivers. Some of the rivers include the Big Sandy River and the Tug Fork, which extends from the West Virginia border.

Kentucky also features rolling plains and rocky hillsides. Some of these areas contain limestone just under the surface along with underground streams. There are also floodplains near the rolling hills where migratory birds are often spotted. Kentucky also features the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park as well as the official birth-site of President Abraham Lincoln.