What Are the Physical Features of Alabama?

Alabama is separated into five regions, and its landscape includes rivers, caves and valleys. Alabama is bordered by Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.

Alabama boasts five physiographic sections. The Appalachian Highlands region hosts three of these. First is the Piedmont Upland section, which is a plateau that reaches the East Gulf Coastal Plain. Then comes the rocky, mountainous Tennessee Valley and Ridge section, which is home to long-winding rivers and narrow valleys. Finally, the Cumberland, or Appalachian, Plateau sandstone section has flatter mountains. The other two sections are the Highland Rim section, formed in limestone, and the East Gulf Coastal Plain section, which consists of not only plains but also hills and floodplains.

The many caves found in Alabama include the Anderson Cave, Kennamer Cave and Tumbling Rock Cave. Fern Cave is one of the most famous.