What are the physical characteristics of Vietnamese people?


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Vietnamese people usually have straight, dark hair with sparse hair on their body, yellow skin tones, brown-hued eyes and a flat face with jutting cheekbones. Their noses are typically narrow or moderately broad. Vietnamese have an epicanthic fold, which is an extra layer of skin on the upper eyelids.

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The Vietnamese people, belonging to the race Mongoloids, are distinctly different from their Malaysian and Indonesian counterparts. While they belong to the Mongoloid race, Vietnamese people are specifically categorized as Pacific Mongoloids due to lighter skin tone, thinner lips and absence of de-pigmentation of hair and eyes. Malaysians and Indonesians are categorized as Continental Mongoloids due to the presence of thicker body hair and pigmentation of eyes.

Vietnam has experienced little intermingling between races, so the population is strictly Pacific Mongoloid and does not share characteristics of other races. A flat face, yellow skin tone and the epicanthic fold are typical facial features, while others such as height and weight may vary. However, Vietnamese people are generally shorter in height than other races.

Most people believe that American Indians and Mongoloids look the same. However, they are categorized in separate ethnic races as American Indians lack the epicanthic fold, which is an evident characteristic of Mongoloids. The country enjoys a homogeneous population, with 90 percent of the people originating from Vietnam and 10 percent composed of immigrants from China, Thailand and Cambodia.

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