What Does the Philippines Export?

philippines-export Credit: Eric L. Wheater/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

The top five products exported by the Philippines are integrated circuits, computers, semiconductor devices, office machine parts and electrical transformers. The top five recipients of these exports are China, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore. Philippines is the top exporter of copper strings, sponges, felt hats, sulfides, fulminates and vacuum flask glass inners.

The Philippines' top exports also include insulated wires, bananas, telephones, passenger and cargo ships and coconut oil. Top recipients of these exports also include South Korea, Thailand, Germany and Malaysia. Philippines is a member of several important international trade organizations such as the APEC, WTO and ASEAN, and has historically been a center for trade commerce. The United States is one of the Philippines' top trading partners, and the country has opened its economy to foreign trade by establishing numerous free trade agreements with various countries.

Philippines is the top exporter of sulfides, which is imported mainly to Japan, China, the United States, Chile and South Korea. It is also the top provider of felt hats to the United States along with Canada, Japan, Zimbabwe and Morocco. Among the three major countries that export sponges, Philippines is the top country; Philippines exports sponges to the other top two providers, the United States and China.