What Is Perx Interline Travel?

Perx Interline is a discount travel service for airline employees that offers cruises, resort stays and tours to pre-qualified members at "interline rates." Members must register with Perx Interline and provide proof of employment to obtain the discounted prices.

Travelers must email or fax a copy of their current employment ID after booking their vacation. The employment is verified and the discount rate is honored. If employment cannot be verified, the booking is adjusted to reflect regular retail rates. The verification process occurs even with registered members, just to make sure they are still working in the travel industry.

Each participating travel company has its own qualification and booking guidelines. For example, Amazon Cruises and Tours extends the interline rate to the employees, their spouses, parents and parents-in-law. All must share the same cabin. Discounts are also given to retired airline employees.

Carnival Cruise Lines extends eligibility beyond airline employees to include air traffic controllers in the United States, Amtrak employees and cruise line employees from other cruise lines. Carnival offers discounts to anyone with an IATA card. The International Airline Travel Association represents travel agencies and travel wholesalers as well as airline personnel. Carnival also allows the booking of second and third cabins to accommodate family members at discounted rates.