How Do You Perform a Travel Risk Assessment?


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To perform a travel risk assessment, look at the health and security risks of the areas in which each person is preparing to travel. Use the U.S. Passports and International Travel list of warnings to determine whether a country has significant travel risks for visitors.

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A travel risk assessment provides institutions with detailed information about the safety facts of a proposed trip, especially for business or school-related trips. Educational institutions deny trip proposals for high-risk travel assessments or incomplete safety procedures, the University of California Berkeley explains.

To create an assessment plan, discuss the travel risks with all participants before traveling to the destination. Include information about crime rates, wars and violent attacks in the area, and explain what the weather conditions are like in the proposed area. List health conditions any participants have followed by the medical care facilities offered in a particular travel destination to accommodate the conditions.

Include information about the trip itself, such as what participants plan to do during the trip, whether children have adult supervision and whether any participants have experience or qualifications in a particular area. The risk assessment must include a detailed safety procedure, such as emergency contact information of the organizer and participants.

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